Shift from who you think you should be to who YOU really are.

You could be her….

You could have the life…the business…the abundance you crave.

You could have relationships that support you.

You could be a magnet for opportunity and magic

You could be the leader you know you’re here to be.

And you can do it your way. 

I don’t believe in putting you in a box.

You’re not on this planet to be part of the mold.

You’re meant to be the mold.

That’s why I specialize in helping you shift from who you think you should be to who YOU really are.

I’ll teach you to trust and strengthen your intuition so you can live a more soulful and impactful life.

Start with these free gifts…

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4min Manifesting Meditation

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A quick note about me…

I’m an adventure junkie.. a free spirited hippy kind of chick. Known by my family as a rebel wild child and by my friends as master giggler. I believe in a world filled with imagination, adventure, and simplicity.

I don’t do lame ass advice, or confusing formulas that leave you pulling your hair out, or spending hours chasing after your dreams hoping wishing and praying.

I do real hands on work (literally – I’m an energy healer) that puts a fire in your confidence and the “ME” back in time. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll have with an erotic love affair with yourself (ooh that sounds dirty) and be living that wild ass adventure you’re craving.