Did you know that every human has the ability to be a lie detector?


Yes, even you!


Did you also know that your thoughts and beliefs are energy.


This means, if you’re having thoughts and feelings of guilt, shame, worry or lack you’re going to continue to struggle or surround yourself with drama….even if you don’t consciously mean to.


On the other hand, if you’re vibrating thoughts or feelings of love, gratitude, and joy you’re going to be attracting an abundance of magic.


So you’re probably wondering, “What the heck does being a human a lie detector and and your thoughts have in common?”


Well, we have something crazy like 70,000-90,000 thoughts a day. Most of these thoughts are the same from the day before. Majority of these thoughts also live in the subconscious mind, so you don’t even realize you’re having them.




Ya see, your body and your mind have been been communicating for years. (since you were born). Beliefs come from past experiences. They are learned by the mind and are stored in the body.


Imagine, growing up struggling for money. Your parents always fought about it and eventually separated. Now, as an adult, you’re working your ass off and still can’t seem to get ahead. Maybe, you’ve even done mindset work around money. Possibly it worked for a little while but you seem to be struggling again. That’s because you’re body may still have negative associations with money.


ex. “Money causes anger.” or “Money is the root of divorce” or “I’m not worth having money because my parents never did.”


On a surface level, you don’t believe that be true but subconsciously your body and and your mind do. 

It’s simply not enough to cover up old beliefs with affirmations. We need to embody our new beliefs and feel them in every cell.


I’ll cover this more next week.


This week it’s about how to identify what beliefs are living in your body. So hurry up and click on the video above to learn about 2 ways to identify core beliefs that are blocking you from manifesting what you want in life and business.

 Creating beautiful days,