So there I was…

Cruising around on a sailboat in the middle of the Caribbean.

I wasn’t sure how I got there and who I was really with but I was having a magical time. Laughing smiling, jumping into the ocean, playing cards on the deck and drinking a delicious whiskey cocktail. I felt great. I felt alive. I had never been sailing before but always knew that it was going to be an adventure on the good ole’ bucket list that I’d take one day.

This vision was only in my imagination until 2004 when I found myself on a fully expensive paid trip to Trinidad and Tobago to participate in “Sail Week.”


Really! True Story.

One minute, I was at home and the next…

I found myself celebrating winning a sail race race with the crew that evening on some exotic beach from property in Tobago. 

It was real. It was happening and I was in the physically experiencing this once seemly inconceivable fantasy that lived only in my imagination.I never doubted it. I never worried to much about “how” it was going to happen because, on some level, I just knew it would.

Visualization and imagination give life to your dream. It makes it real in your minds eye and opens you up to the power or possibility.

Instead of dismissing it “That’ll never happen.” “There’s no way” “How the heck would I be able to do that?”

I focused on the outcome of my vision.…I included all the little details. I allowed myself to feel and act as if the universe was working out the details to as I went about my daily life.


Check out this exercise that will prove to you without the shadow of a doubt the power of visualization. Plus, I’ll let you in on some visualizing secrets that help me manifest some crazy magical opportunities.


Did you watch the video? Crazy pants right!

So now it’s your turn. What are you going to commit to visualizing for the next 30 days. It only takes a little over a minute a day. You have time, trust me.

Some tips about visualizing:

  1. Be consistent – Do it everyday
  2. Allow yourself to fantasy about all the little details.
  3. Notice everything about your environment. Where are you? Who are you with? What’s happening?
  4. Most important – Bring in emotion. Feel it in your body. What do you feel like, How grateful are you that it’s actually happening.
  5. Let your faith be stronger than doubt.

Comment below. Share the details of your dream so we can hold that vision for you too.