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I’m ready to shift from who I think I’m supposed to be to who I really am!

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Cool. I’m psyched you checked me out and want to connect further. I read and respond to all my emails within 48 hours…. unless I’m not off the grid on some crazy Unordinary Adventure.

Please just shoot me an email and let me know how you need support right now!

  • In the meantime, the quickest and easiest way to connect with me is on Facebook OR the the best, most supportive group around The Freedom Junkie Collective. 
  • I’m always on Instagram and LOVE seeing your #unordinaryadventure 
  • Come stalk me on twitter. 
  • Get the Unordinary life chronicles delivered right to your inbox and receive weekly real, raw and relatable tips to unleash your inner badass and live your adventure of awesome. I’m always giving away goodies, so you’ll wanna make sure you’re signed up. 
  • I’m always up for some really yummy chocolate, Gluten Free Cookies or 12 yr bottle of Scotch too (yes, I’m a Scotch girl). So feel free to shoot me an email so I can tell you where to send the goods. 
  • Oh If you need a moment of inspiration for your day watch this. 
  • Or if you prefer music listen to this.

Empowering your Unordinary Life,


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