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Have you ever been so frustrated…confused…indecisive when trying to come up with the “right” answer for something that you just wanted to pull your hair out or hide in a hole until someone told you exactly what to do?

Yes? Please do not say no and make me think I am the only crazy person on the planet that can’t seem to make a freaking decision sometimes…

Every so often my analytical practical mind and my powerful intuitive inner badass get into a little argument and I’m not sure who’s who.

It makes me a little crazed…to say the least.

I’m sharing a fun little exercise to get those frustrating questions answered but first…

I’m back from another amazing river trip on the most remote river in the lower 48. 

No roads, no access, no services. – yes no internet, no phone, no checking Facebook or histogram a million times a day – I completely tuned out.

Just my hubby, myself and 8 other badass friends floating down a river and soaking in all it’s magic.


But I have a confession.. 

I’d been down this river 4x times before and it’s among one of my favorite places to be but this time…

I was super hesitant about going.

I was a wee bit scared, worried, freaked out that my business wall fall to shit while I was gone. I’ve been kicking some business bootie lately then poof…. I disappear.

Ugh hello Carolyn, how good for business can that be?

I teach adventurous women entrepreneurs  on a mission. I help them build confidence, strengthen and trust their intuition so they live a more soulful and impactful business and life adventure.

I’ve always considered my life one big adventure – This thinking has allowed me to travel to close to 30 countries for months at a time with just my backpack, live spontaneously and be perfectly OK when things don’t go as planed.

But lately, I was getting so lost in my own business “should’s” and “what if’s” that I lost the soul purpose (my soul purpose) I started this business. I wasn’t living my truth, I wasn’t living my word.

Sure, I was going on mini adventures on the weekend but I was feeling guilty about it.

Guilty… I wasn’t doing more. I could always do more. Right?  

I wasn’t trusting my own intuition. I was struggling, frustrated, and burnt out.

I’m so grateful I decided to listen to my soul to hop on our raft and float 100 miles down a river with 9 friends. 

I’ve return more of who I am. 

Intuition reactivated… Confidence reignited …layered in clarity.

I feeling inspired and ready to serve in a big HUGE way.

I already knew in my heart that I was going to go on the trip but I want to share this little exercise that I did to help me affirm my choice.


I’d love to hear what decisions you’ve struggled with and what finally helped you make the choice you did.

Believing in your inner badass,


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