It was invigorating, exciting, thrilling, OMG pee my pants scary, all at the same time.

I can’t believe it really happened. Especially, not after long ass day filled with obstacles we had leading up to it.

I can’t wait to tell you,  about this crazy story and why it has everything to do with you.

So it was just a few short years ago. My boyfriend, at the time, brought me skydiving for my 22nd birthday. (Alright, maybe it was just a wee longer then a couple of years.)

(This wasn’t the picture from the plane I jumped from but this was what I got to experience first hand – sunset, clouds, 12,500 ft)
I was so freaking pumped, adrenaline was flowing and I was ready.

Ready to jump. I was committed 100% – even if it killed me. (uhmm not the best analogy to use.)

My boyfriend, a mutual friend, his father – who was celebrating his 60th b-day and myself, strolled into this tiny little airport.

It was like a scene from Lost Boys (except I was a girl) with our badass attitudes.

No one talked about the how scared shitless they were. We were focused on our excitement and intention of jumping out of a plane and launching ourselves into the abyss.

We had attitude and we were in it.

As we intensively prepared ourselves by watching a 20 minute movie and signing a book worth of documents stating “I won’t sue if I die.”

We were presented with

Obstacle #1~

Only two tandem dudes showed up. We’d have to go two at a time. However, we were in line behind another group of 6.

Totally cool with us. – Although my nervous anticipation was building up at this point. I just wanted to get my ass in the plane before I decided it wasn’t a good idea anymore.

As we waited and waited and waited.

We noticed that the second time the plane went up it was just a little smaller then the first. Hmmm. Why’d they switch planes?

Obstacle #2 ~

Turns out something went with plane number one. After the first 2 jumpers went the engine failed. No need to be alarmed. They had a back up plane and everyone was safe and sound. Whef!

Uhm obstacle Number #3. ~

Tandem dude 2 mysteriously gets sick and has to leave.

BTW: This news was coming from a man on crutches with a shattered pelvis. His chute failed to open a few weeks prior. (A tree broke his fail and saved his life if you’re curious how he survived.) 

To make a long story somewhat short, we now had to go one at a time with a tandem guy – who I think was secretly an elvis impersonator. (no joke)

By the time it was my turn they switched planes again.

Cue Obstacle #4. ~

The “Fuel fiter was broken on the second plane. Time to fly in the third and tiniest of all. 

This plane was so small that before we could take off I had to get a quick lesson how to stand on the foot step to actually pull my tandem elvis dude outside of the plane to meet me.

All while the videographer was hanging from the wing filming us. 

Yeah, I know it sounds freaking crazy – it was. And I was scared. Scared as hell.

But I jumped anyway. In fact, we rolled off that ledge.

There was something within me nudging me to do it regardless of all the shit that went wrong or how scared I was.

I was ready. And I couldn’t ignore it.

Have you ever been so scared to jump into something <<First Name>>?

So scared that it seemed like so many obstacles were magically appearing trying to convince you not to go for it. But something inside of you wouldn’t stop nudging you towards it.

Let me tell you a secret….

You just gotta go for it. That feeling will never go away. It’s only going to get harder and harder to ignore.

I jumped.

I had to.

I knew I would’ve regretted it if I didn’t. 

And guess what? I was ok.

I was better then ok.

You could’ve kick me in the shin for 3 weeks after that and I wouldn’t have cared.

I got to experience some crazy freedom endorphining (is that a word?) shit.

I stretched myself further then I had ever done before and it felt fucking fantastic!

Be done with the excuses. Break free of the hesitation, uncertainty and fear.

Claim your desire. Jump!

I’ll show you how.

You don’t want to regret NOT jumping.

I’ll be here to be your co-pilot and give you a kick ass 1:1 experience.

Show the world what you’ve been holding back and jump with me. 

Creating badass beautiful days,